• Kenyan fans have promised to vote for Njugush as president. 


Comedian Njugush has unveiled a sarcastic manifesto, seeking to be elected as Kenya's 5th President. 

He shared a poster of his campaign message and what he wants to deliver for Kenyans. 

His presidential Manifesto read;

• I am a joker

• Won't really deliver 

• You will vote for me anyway

• I don't keep promises, I keep debts(Chinese saying).

Njugush Presidential manifesto
Njugush Presidential manifesto
Image: Instagram

Even though his poster is a satirical explanation of Kenya's political scenes, Kenyans have promised to vote for Njugush either way. 

@Paul Chelimo  - "Suti kama aluminium foil but still kura yangu ni yako brathe."

@ Bien Aime - "Tupige kura wapi? Nataka huyu president."

@ Mwalimu Churchill - "Chukua kura yangu.."

@ Kiage Lucy - "Imagine sadly we are laughing over this and some people are still going to vote Ruto and Raila because they have a new manifesto now."

@ Marrie Blessing - "Pia najua utatupea kazi ya kukulimia mashamba yako tukiwa na degrees zetu from international universities....asanti sana mheshimiwa."

Njugush has been using his comedy to call out Kenyan leaders for enriching themselves without improving the lives of citizens.

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