•"When you hate, there is nothing positive about you." - Jalango

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Jalang'o has advised haters to find something constructive to do with their time as hating does not improve them in any way.

In recent months Jalang'o has been under harsh criticism for different reasons among them being accused of being involved in money laundering business.

Speaking during the Morning Kiss, he shared;

"I have never seen a hater doing so well than me.

The truth is that you can never bank or invest hate.

Instead of hating ask someone what they are doing right. Instead of hating learn.

It's only after you accept that someone is above you that they will be able to help bring you up.

A hater is always bitter and they never grow. When you hate, there is nothing positive about you. You will be a better person learning than hating. "

The radio host cum MC refuted any involvement in money laundering saying he works hard for his money.

'Have you ever heard/read stories about yourself mpaka you wonder is this me?

You google yourself unashang'aa hee!

If I was doing this thing they call wash wash I would not be waking up this early. I read and saw how they were trying to fix me.

Ati sijui I have taken photos with the people mentioned.

How I am being the one used to keep the money. You can never take away my integrity. Every single coin I have earned no one has ever cried, I earned it because I worked for it.

It's OK what people assume, sisi tuko tu."

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