• 10 years is such a long time and Trevor should have made a decision earlier.

Trevor Ombija
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Kiss FM radio presenter Jalango has said the reason why Trevor Ombija got dumped is that he took too long to ask the important question.

According to Jalas, 10 years is such a long time and Trevor should have made a decision earlier.

In an exclusive with Mpasho, the bubbly Citizen TV host revealed he got dumped by his then-girlfriend after 10 years.

Before then Trevor had even visited the girl's home and paid her dowry.

Speaking during the Morning Kiss Jalang'o shared;

"Trevor took too long. In 10 years he should have taken dowry had two kids and even bought a house in Diani.

Trevor is an amazing man, a lively person a great human with whom you feel honored to be in his presence. He is also very level-headed.

But he took too long, 10 years ni Madaraka day 10. Maybe that is why the lady said she wanted to discover herself.

She was wondering 'I have been here for 10 years then what next?'

You might date a person for 10 years and don't get married and this same person might end up dating someone for maybe four months and they end up married.

I hope Trevor finds love soon."

Kamene Goro chipped in, saying;

'"ssuming the lady was in her 20's then it means that 10 years is the start of her adult life, and she committed these years to one person.

Then I understand why she feels she had to find herself."

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