Shalkido in an altercation with Wamitty
Shalkido in an altercation with Wamitty

Sailors Gang rapper Shalkido was last night involved in an altercation between him and mugithii singer Wamitty.

It is not clear if it is a gimmick or a real altercation but in the video, Shalkido is being held back by three men from fighting with Wamitty.

Speaking to Mpasho about the altercation, Shalkido said the scuffle was over a beauty.

He said, "Dame ni wangu manze...tulikua at a private mugithi event then msee anapiga dem yangu juu amemkataa. (The fight was over my girlfriend. We were at a private event then he hit my girlfriend because she refused his advances.)"

Adding, "Like, ai atakama ni heshima, mimi nilijam nikadeal na yeye proper.  Juu io place ilkua na waheshimiwa manze. (Even if it means I was at a high-end event where politicians were, I still could not sit still and take the disrespect.)"

Check out the video of the altercation below.

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