• "We would go to the gate raise our IDs if you get picked you are lucky if not too bad. " - Jalango

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Jalango has revealed how he earned Ksh 160 per day while working as a fisherman back at home.

This was after his dad told him he couldn't afford to take him to college. Speaking during an interview with Lynn Ngugi, the bubbly presenter shared,

"After high school, my dad could not afford to take me to campus.

He actually laughed very hard when I told him that I wanted to proceed to campus.

He was like 'how do you expect me to afford such a fee when I was struggling to pay your primary and secondary fees?'

In that area, you could only work as a fisherman or at Capital Fish Kenya Limited. I worked as a fisherman before I joined Capital Fish I was being paid 160 per day.

Even getting a job there was a matter of chance."

Jalas added,

"We would go to the gate raise our IDs, if you get picked you are lucky if not too bad. Per week I would work maybe three times per week and with that, I could support my mum.

The worst thing is that Capital fish was just near my primary school so teachers would let me go to my fishing job."

Jalango has since made a name for himself and is among the most sought-after radio presenters and MC.

He is evidence that your past does not determine your future.

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