Tanasha and Mama Dangote
Tanasha and Mama Dangote

Kenyan songstress Tanasha Donna is celebrated her 26th birthday a few days back.

To celebrate this new milestone, Tanasha encouraged herself to keep her dream alive and to follow it to its completion.

On the eve of her birthday, Tanasha wrote, “My life finna elevate so crazy...I can feel it. Inshallah.”

In another message to herself on Instagram stories, Tanasha added “Alhhamdulilahi, 26 never felt so good!”

She also shares a birthday with her child's grandmother Mamam Dangoter - Real name Sandra Sanura - who travelled to Zanzibar for a family vacay with her hubby, Uncle Shamte.

As is customary, DIamond normally wished his mother a happy birthday as well as her child's mother. But not the year.

“Words can’t express how much I love you mom, thank you for the life, thank you for me mama_dangote,” Diamond wrote.

Mama Dangote was quick to respond to her son’s message saying: “My one and only son, thank you for everything.”

Diamond did not care to wish his ex a happy birthday.

Fans did not miss this snub by the bongo star, though it is not unexpected seeing as communication between the two has been non-existent.

It is also very telling that in June 2021, Tanasha unfollowed her baby daddy again on Instagram, through their son’s account days after hinting that he is a deadbeat dad.

 She also deleted all the photos of Diamond from her son’s account during their last trip to Tanzania.