• DJ Zawadi has come out to speak about the ordeal where he was forcefully shaved. He alleges to have been beaten by the people he branded goons.

DJ Zawadi
DJ Zawadi

Geoffrey Zawadi known as DJ Zawadi was taped being forcefully shaved off his dreadlocks by the boyfriend of his hairdresser. This was after he allegedly failed to pay a debt after being given hair services.

Zawadi is now speaking out saying that the incident was not about clout chasing. He added that people who harassed him also beat him up and stole his silver rings and two mobile phones.

“Ule boy mwenye walichanja dready huko Koma, na hii sio ya clout nataka kuweka vitu right. Mimi na Judy ndio huyo mdem tulikuwa na deal, na deal part yangu yes naweza kubali nili fail lakini ni due to some circumstances."

(The man shaved my dreadlocks in Koma and this is not clout chasing. Judy and I had an agreement and I must admit that I failed on my part but it was due to some circumstances.)

He added;

"Hao ma goons walinipiga na wakaniibia by the way watu hawajui nilibiwa, nilibiwa iphone 6 nilikuwa na android phone kwa mfuko nilikuwa na dooh nilikuwa na pete zangu za silver nilikuwa na chain ziliibiwa zote na hao wasee lakini haina shida. Nilikatwa hadi tattoo yangu ni fresh iko na scar walijaribu kuikata."

(The goons beat me and stole an iPhone 6 from me and an Android phone. In my pocket, I had money, silver rings and a chain, they stole everything. They tried to remove a tattoo that is very fresh and I have a scar."