• Singer has enjoyed low key relationships

Jimmy Gait
Jimmy Gait
Image: Instagram

Gospel singer Jimmy Gait says he is abstaining until he is married. The singer told Willy M Tuva that he is set to wed soon.

"I like to follow the ways of God...Right now, I am abstaining."

Asked whether he is a virgin, Gait said he was not a perfect person.

"I will answer that question next time, I don't want to trend, I am not perfect."

Gait says he felt threatened when twin sisters begged to get into a relationship with him sometime back.

"They are twins, they said they wanted to sleep with me. I had to go to the police and solved the issue. We agreed that they should leave me alone and they did."

He revealed that he didn't want to be forced into a relationship

"It didn't look right, love is a two-way traffic."