Gospel artiste Jimmy Gait has said he is now ready to get married, he has however said that he would never want to date a 'religious' woman.

According to Jimmy, such women are those that act like they are saved and love God but once they step out of church mambo inabadilika.

Speaking during an interview with Joyce Gituro Jimmy said he wants someone to come home to after a long day.

'I am old enough to have a wife, someone I can go home to.

Nowadays i am always in the office after that I hang out with the boys.'

Asked on the type of woman he wants for marriage Jimmy responded,

'I want a saved woman and not a religious woman.

Most church girls who act religious are not what they are. 

There is a lot of hypocrisy in church. A woman will act like she is a saint but outside she is a cheater.

Most girls have also become materialistic, I do not have problem with giving but it ought to be reasonable.'

On the qualities he wants in a woman.

' I want a woman who loves me truly, someone who loves genuinely God, a beautiful woman yani kitu imesimama.'