• She is a mother of five

Zari Hassan and her teenage sons
Zari Hassan and her teenage sons

Zari Hassan is a mother to four boys, three of them are already teenagers. Well, she warned her three teenagers against their girlfriends playing pranks on her.

Zari shared a video of a girl who was playing a cheating prank on her boyfriend's mother. Zari asked her sons not to let their girlfriends do such kind of pranking on her as things would escalate quickly.

She wrote;

"Dearest sons of mine, your gals should never ever try this with me. Some of us African mothers don't roll like that. By the time she is explaining I'd have turned Madea on her  blue black and red..."

She sired her three teenage sons with the late Ugandan tycoon Ivan Ssemwanga. After his death, it was reported that he left his wealth to his son Pinto, Quincy and Raphael who will inherit once they are 18 years.

Zari has two other children with singer Diamond Platnumz; Princess Latiffah and Prince Nillan.