• Sometimes you need to change to grow.

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Kiss FM radio presenter Jalango has advised Kenyans to chose their circles wisely.

This is because some people in your circle will never celebrate you no matter how many milestones you make in life.

Having had a share of being snubbed by people he called buddy's after losing his job and being in the boys club drama, Jalango knows too well how it hurt.

Speaking during the Morning Kiss, he shared,

''Choose your circle wisely. Some people will judge you for changing. Some people will celebrate you for growing.

Sometimes you need to change to grow and when some of these changes are not good, people around you will criticize you so much because you don't have time for them.

But some people will look at the changes you are making and celebrate you. Once you know who celebrates you and who doesn't then choose your circle wisel,.'' Jalango advised.