• A woman is more sexy and stable when they are financially stable.

Akothee's daughter,Vesha Okello
Image: Instagram

Akothee, the self-proclaimed President of Single mothers has advised her daughter Versha not to be rushed by society on when to get married.

This she advised her as she celebrates her 24th birthday.

In a long social media post, the mother of five said that despite wanting to rub some parts about her past she is glad her daughter is not among those things.

''HAPPY BIRTHDAY@veshashillanEverytime I feel like taking back my past, deleting my past, and forgetting it all 🤔 starting life as a clean responsible girl! I remember I have life marks, The eternal marks that can never be rubbed, not even with time!.

You placed a mark on my Womb, my heart, and my entire life 💪I don't regret one day of my life because you are on each and every chapter of my life my love 💋 .

If Role models are available, then you are my ONE. how comes the internet/ celebrities have never changed your way of living? How comes I don't hear you say I messed up because I followed so and so ?.''


''Tell your fellow agemates to concentrate on their lives and leave the internet alone. Nobody is posting their weaknesses, failures & life's frustrations online!

Follow celebrities for fun, Never compare your life with things you see on social media, never be carried away with relationship hypes you see on social media,kwa ground life is hard.

Concentrate on your life @veshashillan👉Learn to finish your day before you start it 💪know what to do when, how with who, and for what gain.

👉Avoid unnecessary groupies keep your circle so small, human beings are rats, they bite and puliza.

👉 Embrace your challenges, they are part of why you are strong, you can never go wrong if you got it right👉Take your time to date.

Never settle for less, there is no timeline/deadline as to when one should get married.''

Akothee further advised that Vesrah should never entertain any form of violence or disrespect from her partner.

''Any man in your life should be worth the living, you are either living together or dying together. never entertain any form of violence or disrespect from a partner.

When people show you who they are the first time! Believe them, Any man in your life should be a companion, a soulmate, and a friend, not your ATM MACHINE!

If you want or looking for a rich man, go marry the bank. A woman is more sexy and stable when they are financially stable.

Be financially stable first before you start looking for a financially stable man .money can't buy you happiness or marriage, but it will make your life easy.👉A man should provide.

Never tolerate a man who allows you pay his bills comfortably ,that one is irresponsible.''