• Diamond fell in love with Ugali Man's advertisement
  • Charles Odongo's video has gone viral on social media
Ugali Man, Diamond
Ugali Man, Diamond

Charles Odongo, has caught the eyes of Diamond Platnumz after his video, devouring Ugali went viral.

The fitness coach  won an endorsement with a popular betting company, and displayed his Ugali eating techniques on their advertisement.

Diamond Platnumz came across the advertisement and fell in love with it. He reposted the video on his Instagram page.

Charles Odongo was eating a huge chunk of Ugali after a long day of training at his gymnasium in Rongai.

He recorded a video of himself alongside his cat. The video went viral on social media platforms in Kenya and has since been used to make Memes.

Odongo has been recording several videos of his workout sessions, showcasing his heavily built body.

"I like doing videos that will leave people talking. I feel good when people are talking about me because it means that I am worthy. I'm also a person who likes making people happy and cracking their ribs as well."