• He has earned the tittle
  • Magufuli supported artists

A section of Tanzanians have signed a petition to bar Diamond Platnumz from the BET Awards 2021. 

The online petition has since gathered 17, 891 signatures on Change.org. 

The petitioners want Diamond to be disqualified from contesting for the Best International Act category on BET due to his support for the late president John Pombe Magufuli. 

"Diamond Platnumz is a world-renowned Tanzania music artist who used his popularity and his talent to whitewash and deodorize the brutal repression of the late dictator John Magufuli and his regime. Diamond is also a close friend and business ally of Paul Makonda the former Governor of Dar -es-Salaam who has openly persecuted and cracked down on LGBTI people," read the petition.

This is uncalled for since the musician has worked hard to earn a name in the music industry. 

Through his music, Diamond has placed Tanzania on the top of the global map, hence they should give credit where it is due.  

Just like any other Citizen, the Waah hitmaker has a right to a political affiliation. He should not be judged over his political affiliations when it comes to the BET award.

The music career should be treated like a personal business for Diamond Platnumz. Therefore, he has a right on whom to conduct business with. 

In  composing songs of praises for Magufuli, he was just looking at which side his bread is buttered.

Additionally, Magufuli might have been the worst dictator, but he was at the fore front in supporting local artists. 

Magufulism should not be used as a factor to disqualify Diamond platnumz since he has not broken any law.