•Petition is meant to disqualify the singer from the nomination

•Singer's support for Magufuli one of the reasons for petition

Diamond's BET nomination
Diamond's BET nomination

Diamond Platnumz has been nominated by BET under the category Best International Act. The news was received with mixed reactions by Tanzanians.

While some think the singer has held the bongo fleva industry with his hands and taken it international, others have dug up the his past to haunt him.

A petition is being signed for BET to disqualify Diamond from the nomination.

The petition says that the singer  "used his popularity and his talent to whitewash and deodorize the brutal repression of the late dictator John Magufuli and his regime. Diamond is also a close friend and business ally of Paul Makonda the former Governor of Dar -es-Salaam who has openly persecuted and cracked down on LGBTI people. Makonda has also been designated in 2020 by the US State Department for gross violations of human rights including cracking down on freedom of expression and association."

The singer has been accused neglecting issues affection his own country while speaking up against issues in other countries

"When fellow artists were imprisoned and abducted Diamond remained silent. In 2017, he deliberately released a single called “Acha Nikae Kimya” (Let me remain quiet) as a response to the increasing demand from the public to speak up and condemn the crackdowns. Diamond to-date has not condemned or spoken up on any of the atrocities committed" read part of the petition

The petotioners went on to give reasons why the Tanzanian singer should be dropped from the nomination;

  • Diamond Platnumz has failed to show basic concern and publicly express any solidarity with his fellow artists like Roma Mkatoliki, Nay wa Mitego and Idris Sultan who suffered at the hand of the dictator Magufuli.
  •  Diamond Platnumz chose to protect and expand his personal and business interest by praising and using his star power to soften the image of a brutal dictator and his collaborators.
  • BET awards have been always held in high esteem by many Africans for its recognition of talent of exemplary artists. The international act which was established in 2018 has consistently gone to artists who have been very conscientious and stood up for justice for African lives. Both Davido (2018) and Burna Boy (2019 and 2020) have been in the frontline at the #EndSARS protests using their star power and fame to shed light on injustice and even protect civilians from police brutality. Diamond Platnumz is a selfish, greedy opportunist and an apologist of a repressive regime who chose to deliberately turn a blind eye to atrocities and associate, praise and collaborate with renowned human rights violators like Paul Makonda and John Magufuli.

Diamond is the only East African nominated under this category, he is battling it out with Nigeria's Burna Boy, Wizkid among others.