•They have met three times

•Hamisa and Tanasha have been left out

•Tanasha unfollowed Diamond

TBT Photo
Diamond and Zari TBT Photo

After spending years apart, Zari and Diamond Platnumz are now depicting admirable co-parenting goals. 

This week, Zari, accompanied by Tiffah and Nilan visited Diamond in Tanzania.

This visit comes barely two months after Diamond paid them a visit in South Africa.

For Zari, It is the second time she is visiting Tanzania, all this in a span of one year. 

In November 2020, the mother of two paid her first visit to Tanzania after spending 2 years apart. This time, Tiffah and Nilan had spent two years without seeing their father. 

The visits are now getting more frequent, giving the impression that the two still have a soft spot for each other. another.

Notably, Diamond has not had close relations with his other baby mama's. 

Hamisa Mobetto has never been seen publicly spending time at Diamond's house. It is only her son, Dylan, whose visit is made public. 

In the case of Tanasha Donna, Diamond Platnumz seems to have forgotten her completely. 

When she took Naseeb Junior to visit his father last year, Tanasha did not stay in the singers house for long. She even told the press that she stayed at a hotel. 

Last week, she also hinted that Diamond is not taking care of his son. What followed was deleting pictures of Diamond from Naseeb's Instagram account and even un-following the Bongo artist. 

For Zari, she spends the night at Diamond's mansion, and also gets cozy with him on pictures. 

The manner in which Diamond treats his other baby mama's shows that Zari is truly a special one.

Are the two trying to rekndle their relationship? 

From the manner in which they are getting along lately, it means they have a strong bond other than co-parenting. 

Even though their union was not made legal, Zari was Diamond's first wife. Can they try settling down once more?