•Eric Omondi tired of being a bachelor

•He wants a wife and children


Looking for a wife
Eric Omondi Looking for a wife
Image: Instagram

39-year-old Eric Omondi has realized that age is catching up with him and would love to settle down and have a family. 

He intends to get a wife from his upcoming Wife Material season 3 show. 

Tired of being a bachelor, Eric Omondi said that he will settle with the winner of the contest regardless of her country of origin. 

After a flop of season two, the comedian intends to focus more on season three to fulfill the purpose of the show, getting a wife. 

"Sometimes I sit back and ask myself what was the intention of this show, what was the original idea???🤔🤔...And then I remember the main reason. I was actually really looking for a wife to marry, settle with and start a family, then things happened and that's life, but the best thing about life is that it offers us the opportunity to refocus, to remember why we do what we do and why we began whatever we began in the firstplace," said Eric Omondi.

He added;

"I want to promise you one thing as my family, friends and fans I will premier Season three in less than a month and it will include ETHIOPIA🇪🇹, RWANDA🇷🇼 SOUTH SUDAN 🇸🇸 and NIGERIA 🇳🇬. And you can take my Word, whoever wins this Season...i will marry and settle with, this you can take to the bank!! Hata mimi nimechoka nataka Bibi na Watoto, Nataka familia...I mean am turning 40 in 9 Months. Of Course I will include Kenyans because it's my Home🇰🇪. This is it.💍"