•She wasn't looking for love but found it.

•No man would ever match guardian

Guardian and Esther
Image: Instagram

When Esther Musila met Musician Guardian Angel, she did not know that he would turn up to be the love of his life.

Speaking to Spice FM, the mother of three terms her relationship with Guardian Angel as a prayer that was answered by God.

"When i met Guardian, i was not looking for love, i was not looking to be in a relationship. How things started to change, i only say its God. When i was turning 50 last year i said to God, 'I want to do things differently in my life' and he has given me more than i asked for," She said.

Esther Musila added that she at times forgets Guardian Angel's age because it is a non-issue to her.

"I couldn’t say how old Guardian is because for me its not about his age, i don't even think about how old he is. In my situation, i guess its because i am the older person, i have grown up children."

Esther Musila and Guardian Angel
Image: Instagram

On cultural limitations in her relationship, Esther said;

"I know the African culture doesn't allow that. I am an African but i believe in doing my things for me. This is something i have discovered late in life but i will continue doing it. Living my life, living for me, doing me. As much as i am in a relationship with a wonderful man, i will always come first. Because if i am not happy, my relationship will never be happy."

Esther has no regrets about her relationship with the 32-year-old singer, and is not concerned about public approval.

"At one point i was more concerned about what people would think, and he asked me why i cared. If i met a 55-year-old man, he would never match Guardian," she concluded.