The union of musician Guardian Angel and Esther Musila has been a topic of discussion in the social scenes due to the couple's age difference.

Former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko has dwelt on the issue, asking Kenyans to mind their own business and let the lovers be.

In a post on Facebook, Sonko wished the couple everlasting joy and happiness.

"This beautiful lady called Esther Musila works with UN...she is 51 years old....yesterday she got engaged to 30 year old gospel musician Guardian Angel. I have just seen some evil minded people badmouthing her trolling her as grandmother. This is totally unfair. Nyinyi mukitaka pia muowane ama muolewe wachaneni na maisha ya watu. Buree kabisa nyinyi unto you Esther and Guardian Angel Congratulations on your marriage, I'm wishing you a lifetime of Love and happiness. May the years ahead be filled with lasting joy," Wrote Sonko. 

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Guardian Angel proposed to Esther in an exclusive party as they celebrated her 51st birthday.

Speaking to Mpasho, the Rada hitmaker said that he was overwhelmed with joy after she said yes.
About the online trolls, Guardian said that he is unbothered by their negative comments.

“I know of people who have different opinions of my relationship, if I didn’t want them to talk about it, I’d have done my things privately and no one of you would have known. I post because I know your opinion will be there," He said.