Actress Njambi Gachomba of the Real House Helps of Kawangware has recounted how she spent her 20's.

Njambi is celebrating her 30th birthday today where she has taken her time to recount on how she spent her 20s.

The mother of three said she did not expect she would get to see her 30s as she was a naughty girl one who never took life seriously.

She went on to appreciate her parents for being patient with her.

The first photo was the beginning of my 20s, I was naive, shy, didn't know what to expect, a virgin, definitely kichwa ngumu.... Mi nimesumbuwa wazazi wangu aki woiye nyinyi ata hamjasumbuwa 😅😅 My 20s was legendary!!!!!! I have done literally everything, believe me I was wild 😜( atleast hiyo time hakukuwa na mambo ya kutrend ningekuwa nimechoma 😂😂) to be honest I never thought I would actually see 30 juu ya ile speed nilikuwa nakimbiza maisha 😂😂. I went to school to be a lawyer but came out an actor, God chooses our paths 😊....

I didn't want to have children neither did I wish to be married but look at God.... I believe He put a speed limit to my life ... Sai sijui ningekuwa nani. I thank God for that 😊, I also thank my parents for being patient with me and definitely my friends who spoiled me( I won't mention names sai ni career people 😂) but have always had my back from when I didn't have a mark on my nose mpaka sai am a mum of 3 ☺️. Special thank you to everyone who believed in me,and for the platform, am forever grateful na pia nyinyi mafans, my star wouldn't be shining if it wasn't for all of you 💕💕💕

She added;

The second photo is the beginning of my 30s, I won't lie I've been having panic attacks and anxiety because I thought I would have my life figured out 😂 but anyway ni life..... Am more experienced, shy(that has not changed), bado mi ni kichwa ngumu and I talk back, sai si sumbui wazazi nasumbuwa bwana 😂😂 lakini Mungu ni nani He gave me my match, mtu ananitame 😂😂, am not wild anymore 😂 I just have a don't care attitude. Careerwise am definitely living my dream 😊. Anyway wenye mko na manual ya HOW TO BE IN YOUR 30S tafadhali nitumieni..... Here's to a new decade 😊😊 to many more not having a professional birthday shoot 😉😉