A lady called Maina Kageni during the morning show, where she confessed how she became unattractive to her husband shortly after conceiving. She went ahead and narrated how it all started. The lady was married to that man and had a child, later the man insisted that he needed a baby boy and fortunately the lady conceived.

Before she went for maternity leave, she was employed. She said that she used to support her husband by all means to keep his business booming.

During the four months leave, she lost her job. That was the turning point of everything.

The husband said to her that she was no longer attractive to him. She was not yet healed from the CS operation and that was the most difficult time of her life.

She went ahead and narrated that her husband had a side chic who one day he took for a retreat and the wife was aware.

When she finally got another job, the husband changed again and was sorry for what he had told her earlier.

The lady is still living with the man and when asked by Maina Kageni if she still loves him, she hesitated and said she doesn't though she can not just walk out.

"Women need to strategize things" she added.

Mwalimu asked her if she is seeing someone else and here is what she said, "I can not move from one problem to another. Things will be the same. I would rather just survive"

Another caller who was also a lady confessed to living in a loveless marriage for 38 years.

Listen to the whole conversation  below: