Short Hair vs Weaves

Wearing wigs and weaves is the current trend in Africa and specifically Kenya. Every woman wants to rock one, whether cheap or expensive as long as it fits the head. But wait, do they really know that weaves and wigs are the reasons why some of them suffer from alopecia (hair loss) thus ending up bald?

Black women have naturally unique and beautiful hair but due to low self esteem issues or reasons well known to them, they always wear wigs and weaves. Why would you want to have blonde or straight hair? Kwani wewe ni farasi?

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Although not all of them look fierce or horrible in weaves, my advice to ladies is that; if you cant afford a nice wig or weave, don’t go for cheap ones, kindly stick to your normal hair; plait or cut it short, you never know maybe you will be the next Lupita. Don’t just rock wigs and weaves because your counterparts do it, you may wear a Rihanna wig thinking that you look exactly like her but when you step out, everyone starts running away from you.