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Staying with relatives in your house can be stressful at times. Some of them do not contribute a single cent towards the family’s monthly expenses.

Others are so annoying and do not respect your personal space hence depriving you of your privacy.

Hata Siwezi ‘Kula Mali Yangu’! Angry Kenyan Man Describes How His Wife’s Sisters And Cousins Have Camped In His House

Well, a disgruntled city woman has been living with her sister and her two children for quite a while now, but she isn’t happy at all. She is fed up of taking care of them and is planning to send them away from her home.


“My elder sister has been living with me for a year now. She’s currently a single mom of two kids, her ex-husband abandoned her with the kids for more than a year now. The problem fending for them is not easy at all, all their bills are on me and I’m tired.

I managed to register her to learn a trade which she is done with. The thing now is that I am tired of taking responsibility for everything that has to do with them. I want to send them out of the house because I don’t even take care of myself anymore. I really want to know if it will be a nice thing to do if I send them out to go stay elsewhere. My total earning in a month is 40k which is not enough for me not to take of my sister and her kids. I know she’s my sister and her kids are my nephews but I don’t know what to do anymore.. Please advise me.”

Here’s advice from social media users

Tessy: She can stay but tell her to start hustling seriously too., she is your sister your blood! U must be her keeper! Just talk to her about the stress n burden her bills is putting on your shoulders n u. Tell her Want to help but can bite more than u can chew but that she needs to really hustle to make things work.

Ivy: You want to send your blood out of the house to where? Simply speak to your sis. Tell her what you’re going through and how she needs to step up and start doing something

Omar: Please don’t send them out, I know how difficult it is to fend for one’s self talkless of 3 more people. I think u should have a talk with ur sister, tell her how difficult it is for u to shoulder her responsibilities & find a way forward.

Princess: If you as her sister sends her out, who then will she run to? Please don’t get tired of helping your blood. She is a second version of you from same womb. Even tho you not earning much, pls be patient a little more.

Daisy: A year is a lot of time..talk to her before taking any action

Paula: Let her stay but make her fend for herself and the kids