Doom Pastor

The world is coming to an end. Just when we thought that the rogue pastors are no more and the governments across the continent have done away with them, we are waking up to disturbing news. Self-proclaimed Prophet Lethebo Rabalago from the Mount Zion General Assembly (MZGA) in Limpopo, South Africa is in the news for the wrong reasons. He is currently trending on various social media platforms.

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Photos of the man of the cloth spraying his congregation with doom insect repellent have gone viral. According to sources, the controversial pastor said that he uses doom insect killer/repellent to heal people with cancer, HIV or any other illness.

This is unlike other conventional and accepted means that are used by other church pastors, they use oil to anoint those “with problems”.

Sources further claimed that prophet Rabalago “begins to speak to demons in order to address problems people face each day. He then drives the demons out of their bodies to free the people.”

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Are these signs of the end times? Who is going to save us? Are our governments doing enough to curb these rogue pastors? These are just some of the questions many are asking themselves. Many have condemned this kind of behaviour and some have gone ahead to call upon the council of churches to do something to rope in these errant behaviours.

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Africa is known for being the continent with the leading cases of rogue pastors fooling  their congregations. From milking them dry to performing false miracles to even sleeping with their flocks, we really need the Messiah to come back and save us.

Here are the photos from one of the church services, check them out.

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