A Ugandan TV presenter Joan Lule has been blasted for shouting at the reigning Miss Uganda Oliver Nakakande during a live show.

The presenter asked ‘By the way, you lost, how did that make you feel?’ That was a question that Miss Uganda did not find fit.

In response the beauty queen said’

I did not loose. Why would you say that. I didn’t lose. Nobody lost. I am the first ever top model that Uganda has ever had in Miss World.

I am really offended.

I hold a Diploma in Journalism and you should never ask a person, “You lost, how do you feel about that?” That’s a very rude question.

Miss Uganda Oliver Nakakande

Well, the show went for a break and on coming back, the TV presenter started yelling at Miss Uganda and said that she was not going to apologize.

Evidently, she wasn’t able to control her emotions and was seen shouting and throwing hands in gesture at the beauty queen.

No. I will not apologize. Not all questions will be direct, the question was for you to bring out the answer that you gave me and rest of your achievement.

Ugandan TV presenter Joan Lule

The show was then cut short after the presenter refused to calm herself down.

Ugandans on Twitter have asked the media house to take disciplinary action against the presenter for unprofessional conduct.

Later Miss Uganda took to her Instagram to thank Ugandans for supporting her.

Dear Friends,
Thank you for your massive love ❤️ and support! I’ve received hundreds of thousands of messages, hence my inability to thank you all individually. Just know I am really touched and honored by your generosity! .

Let’s Support Each other And Build Unbreakable Empires – As the old African adage goes, “If you want to go fast , go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” I love you all from the bottom of my heart ❤️ Stay Safe!
For God and My Country 🇺🇬 .

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