Octopizzo and fiancee
Octo's current mzungu fiancee

Wah! This one is just drama for days!

Octopizzo and his baby mama, Christine, the mzungu have been involved in legal battles for a while now BUT we all thought things were rosy when he posted photos of his engagement ring and the hand of a white woman.


BREAKING NEWS: Rapper Octopizzo In Court Battle With Mzungu Girlfriend Over Child Custody

But shock on us when he was put on blast by the mother of his child, when she came out with a scathing press statement addressing whether or not she was engaged to him:

“In response to the recent media coverage regarding Octopizzo’s engagement, I would like to confirm that I am not the one engaged to Henry Ohanga.”

The statement also revealed the reasons why Christine and Octopizzo may have allegedly called it quits.

It continued, “In fact, I would like to clear my name in any connection to a positive or accommodating relationship with Octopizzo, given that I am a survivor of his long-time mental and physical abuse, and am currently in a legal dispute with the artiste. I work directly to support women and children in my profession. By identifying me as the woman engaged to Octopizzo, the media indicates that I condone being in a relationship with someone who hurts and disgraces women behind closed doors, and abuses his position of power as a spokesperson for women and girls. Although I have not spoken publicly about my personal situation due to fear, this media coverage is impacting my personal and professional life.”

She added, “I would appreciate if the media could undergo a more thorough process of fact checking before publishing or syndicating any stories that involve me, my name, or my image. Although I cannot discuss the details of my case, my lawyers (Judy Thongori and Company Associates) can attest to the fact there is a legal case pending.”

So who is the woman who Octo is engaged to? Let us get into that on the next page.