There is always going to be drama at every event. Irrespective of how well manned it is. And indeed, to say that security was beefed up at the 2 Chainz concert is an understatement. Security was tight.
But that did not stop some drama happening right across from all the security personnel who were so caught up in what they were doing they hardly noticed the trouble.
As I was getting to the event, I got stuck in a spot of traffic created by the security personnel who had created a bottleneck in order to funnel in motorists and then search them.
But right across from the security personnel, there were some idle yobs and some party people who were parkinglot pimping (that means drinking at the parkinglot for all you old foggies).

And some of the party goers who were drinking were set upon by a gang of about 10 boys who asked them -and not so kindly to “contribute” to their cause as one of their ranks didn’t have a ticket and they needed to get him in.

The accosted lot looked nervous as they had a lass who could potentially have been caught in any ensuant melee so they gave in and contributed. Check out the picture we managed to sneak of that happening below: