Harmonize crying
Harmonize crying

As Diamond Platnumz and the rest of the Wasafi Records crew were having a jolly good time at Tanasha’s baby shower, the drama was brewing over the exit of Harmonize.

At the baby shower hosted at Best Western Coral Beach Hotel, Diamond ensured the entire Wasafi Records artistes were in attendance to prove to naysayers that his label is still retaining top artistes.

Anyhow, Diamond’s manager Sallam revealed the exact situation with Harmonizes exit.

“In most cases, when you terminate a contract, you are audited to determine how much you made for the company.”

Adding, “Auditors will do their job, they will tell him how much profit he made to the company, and if there are losses, then something will be done, that is what auditors will show.”

Diamond tells Harmonize, ‘Go, leave! There is nothing you are helping us with!’

Diamond Platnumz and HarmonizeThis will turn out to be a long legal battle if Harmonize doesn’t agree with the auditor report. This will also inform other artistes signed in the label on how they will be treated when they decide to exit.

Harmonize is yet to reveal what his stance is with regards to what Sallam has revealed.

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