DK Kwenye Beat
DK Kwenye Beat

DK Kwenye Beat is back in the music scene, this time round as a video ‘fox’ in a repentance song by Guardian Angel.

Gospel singers DK together with Hopekid were embroiled in a sex scandal with a 20-year-old college student from Nakuru.

They had a threesome. The student later came out to say she got infected with an STD.

Since the scandal made headlines, DK has kept a low profile and even committed social media suicide by deleting all the photos on his Instagram.

Yesterday on the set of Guardian Angel’s video shoot, DK declined to talk to on account that we published a leaked audio in which he was mocking his victim.

If you missed that, listen to it below.

Anyhow, he spoke to Mzazi Tuva of Mseto East Africa, about the scandal. Although he was as cagey AF.

Asked how he has been holding up since the scandal broke. DK Kwenye Beat said, “I’m good. God is our help at all times. ”

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Has the church accepted you? The singer revealed that he attends the Glorious Chapel under Bishop Dan and Pastor Mike.

DK said, “They accepted me like their child and congregant.” Adding that his family has also had his back, “Family is family. They have been on my side.”

Hours after the scandal broke, DK sought Size 8’s help to post an apology video. But after the audio of him mocking the victim leaked, Size 8 and DJ Mo distanced themselves from DK, the apology and the scandal.

DK still thinks he did the right thing going on record and apologizing.

Speaking to Tuva he explained, “I apologized not because of a mistake. Because I’m a public figure. I wanted to show the youth it is important to apologize.”

He continued, “Saying sorry doesn’t mean you are weak. Sometimes you fall, sometimes I fall. It is only the right thing to do. To say sorry.”

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So, have you resolved the issues with the college student?

DK said, “No comment.”

Asked if FIDA has reached out as legal representatives of the victim or if there is an impending legal battle.

DK evaded that question with a crisp, “No comment.”

He was then asked if there is something going on in the background concerning the case.

DK responded, “The reason I’m here is because of Guardian Angel’s video shoot. Lets focus on that.”

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