Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz counting money before performing in Guinea

Diamond Platnumz had an interview today with Wasafi FM’s Lil Ommy where he talks about the secret to his success. He also hinted at how much he gets paid.

“There is money in streaming music. There are many platforms but Apple music is the one that has a bigger payout,” He said.

Diamond Platnumz TattooDoes Youtube pay?

It is not true. let me give you an example from my videos, from my estimation if you get one million views you don’t get Tsh 1m or Tsh 600,000. However when it comes to iTunes a million downloads yields about Tsh 2.5b.  

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Diamond PlatnumzAdding,

I would like to urge our fans to stream music and download from Itunes because it builds us the artistes. this is the same business model the likes of Drake use to but planes.

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Babu TaleHis manager Babu Tale getting into politics? Does he have plans of getting into that arena?

“No, i have no plans to get into that. As a Tanzanian citizen, I will vote for any candidate worth their salt who can bring development. My focus id music and advancing it further. My biggest dream is to bring our industry into a space where everyone who gets in finds it easy to operate.”

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