Olive Burrows and Dennis Okari
Olive Burrows and Dennis Okari

Dennis Okari and Olive Burrows have become the “it” media couple that many Kenyans fawn over as they anchor news together on Nation T.V.

Olive Burrows
Olive Burrows

And while what they do for each other can be veiled by the veneer of colleagues who respect each other a lot, that does not stop many from speculating.

Dennis announced his plan to become the next NTV prime-time news anchor alongside a very gorgeous lady, Olive Burrows. After their first appearance on screen together, many Kenyans could see the chemistry they had.

Dennis Okari
Dennis Okari

And from that day, they have fueled that fire by doing things that have raised eyebrows as far as professionalism goes. The first major one was Olive helping Dennis to fix his tie before a show. Surprising?

Olive Burrows

Not so much, Dennis returned the intimate favour when he fed Olive a cake on when she celebrated her birthday. And who could have thought that the professional(romantic, cough, cough) gestures would stop there?

Dennis decided to make a piece of artwork for his attractive co-anchor, something that can speak of great attraction for her.

Olive Burrows and Dennis Okari

The artwork was featured by Olive herself on her Instagram page where she gushed over the gift from Betty Okari’s former husband. She wrote:

I absolutely love it @dennisokari. You really do have to see it & feel it to get the full effect. And many thanks to your co-conspirator Nicodemus for the gift 😊

Check out the video of Olive showing the wonderful picture from her ebullient host. For the record, you can feel the girlish delight as she speaks:

Below are some reactions from Kenyans:

mbithililian Wow! Lovely! Congrats@dennisokari for hacking this one

nelly_catherine Mmmmm this two people

sirfestohh Vile unasema……..Dennnohhh😍

pngomz The chemistry between these 🥈👫 makes the news even more interesting to watch…

lynebonareri @pngomz true….I love them

enock_bosaya Bro Dennoh marry this lady Olive,unless you want to fetch water on her wedding day 😋

What do you think of this two-some?

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