KOT yesterday had a field day, they trolled Dennis Itumbi for ‘losing’ out on a good Valentine’s Day after Joseph Irungu alias Jowie, ex-fiance to Jacque Maribe was granted bail.

Jowie who is a suspect in the murder of Monica Kimani was arrested in September 2018.

He was yesterday released on a Sh2 million cash bail.

‘I can buy Jowie flower to send on valentines,’ offers Dennis Itumbi

This left many thinking that maybe now Itumbi cannot try and woe Jacque Maribe since Jowi is now out on bail.

Speaking exclusively to Kiss 100 Kenya during the launch of ‘Chipukeezy Comedy Club’ Itumbi told KOT.

‘I have not had time to read the tweets but I think I know they are saying I am in trouble now that Jowie is out.

 I enjoy #KOT but here is the thing Jacque is my best friend, we hang out a lot.

Her family members are my friends so we will remain that way.’

Kenyans had yesterday had a field day throwing jabs at Dennis after Jowie, the main suspect in the murder of Monica Kimani, was released on bail.

KOT do not seem to believe that Itumbi and Maribe are just friends.

One tweep wrote,

‘The release of Jowie Irungu gives Jacque Maribe a chance to receive a foursome on Valentine’s Day.’

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Another Kenyan wrote,

‘Hata najua Hujaskia Vibaya. Jowie ameachiliwa on the Eve of Valentine. Ndugu zile poem utakariria nani msee?. 

Chest pains.’

Another curious fan was quick to ask.

‘so who takes Maribe for Valentine’s day…Jowie or Itumbi?’ 

 Just when you thought you have read enough another fan said 

‘Jowie atapewa tu ukiona kwanza valentines.’

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