Cop allegedly involved in shooting of US Embassy worker in Kiambu detained


• The court heard that the suspect did not report the incident afterwards until he was arrested.

Dennis Mwai alleged to have shot dead US Embassy worker Anthony Njomo in Kiambu law court on May 28, 2024

Dennis Mwai Irungu the suspect in the shooting of a US Embassy employee in a club will be detained at Kiambu police station for 14 days.

Investigating officer Reuben Mwaniki from the DCI homicide moved to Kiambu law courts before senior principal magistrate Wanjiru Nganga and applied for an extension of time to detain the suspect to conclude his investigations.

"The homicide investigations at DCI headquarters is investigating the case of murder where one Anthony Njomo Kiono aged 35 years old an employee of the US embassy in Nairobi was shot dead outside the premises in Kiambu town on the morning of  May 26, 2024," Mwaniki told the court.

The court heard that the suspect did not report the incident afterwards until he was arrested.

Anthony Njomo Kiono who was allegedly shot dead by a cop outside a lounge in Kiambu.

In a supporting affidavit, the investigating officer told the court that the deceased was enjoying himself at the bar when he was shot.

The court further heard that the scene was documented by the Crime Scene Investigation docket in Kiambu and that one spent cartilage was recovered from the scene.

The court also heard that the suspect is a police officer who was captured by CCTV cameras of the lounge allegedly fighting some revellers.

The suspect was arrested on May 28, 2024, in Kiambu town when he was summoned by the county police commander.

The investigating officers told the court that the reason he wanted to detain the suspect was because the firearm recovered had some parts missing which holds crucial leads in the investigations and which the investigating team believes to be the murder weapon.

The suspect is yet to be escorted for mental assessment to determine whether he is fit to stand trial. The investigating team will conduct fingerprinting and statement recording.

The investigating team intends to charge the suspect and two other suspects who are in lawful custody.

The investigating team is still pursuing three other suspects who are still at large.

On Monday a Kiambu court granted DCI investigating officer Peter Kingawi 10 days to conclude investigations where Nason Kiteme Kangalia and Joseph Njenga Gitau are also suspects of the murder of the US embassy employee.

The court heard that a fight started inside the premises between the group of Kiteme who were inside the club promoting the music of one musician with others when a misunderstanding with Njenga the second suspect started.

"Each group had bouncers who were protecting them and one of the groups had bouncers suspected to be armed with firearms," the court heard.

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