Nairobi US Embassy employee shot dead outside a lounge in Kiambu


• Until his death, Anthony Njomo Kiunu 35, worked as an electrician for the US Embassy in Nairobi,

Crime Scene Tape
Image: FILE

A man working for the US Embassy in Nairobi was on Saturday night shot dead outside a lounge in Kiambu town.

Until his death, Anthony Njomo Kiunu 35, worked as an electrician for the US Embassy in Nairobi, police said.

The embassy is yet to comment on the shooting by the time of publishing this story. The embassy has been informed of the shooting, officials said.

An official there said they had been informed Kiunu was a bystander when he was caught by the fatal bullet.

“He was just a bystander when he was shot fatally in an altercation that started in the club,” said an official aware of the incident.

The official said for now,  they don't think he was targeted in the shooting.

The motive of the drama that led to the shooting is yet to be revealed.

The suspect behind the shooting was arrested minutes later, police said.

Police said the nightclub's proprietor reported a shooting incident on his premises around 3 am.

Kiunu died after being shot in the back during a commotion that began inside the bar and spread outside.

Kiambu police commander Michael Muchiri said police were called to the scene shortly after the shooting and processed it.

“We are pursuing the matter to the end and will take necessary action. Unfortunately, a life was lost,” he said.

The management of the club said the shooting incident occurred outside the club and was captured by surveillance cameras facing the road.

It is not clear if the man behind the shooting is licensed to carry a gun.

The facility added the victim of the shooting was not involved in the initial commotion.

Police said the victim was shot in the back and had an exit wound on his chest.

The deceased's body was transported to the Kenyatta University Teaching and Referral Hospital Mortuary pending autopsy.

The gun involved in the shooting was confiscated for ballistic tests as part of the probe into the shooting, police said.

Officials have been making efforts to regulate the use of privately owned guns at large. There are about 11,000 licensed gun holders.

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