Jowie Irungu's shirt trends after court appearance

• The convicted murderer in Monica Kimani's death was in court yesterday March 8th for his sentencing which was deferred.

Jowie Irungu
Image: Mpasho

Observant Kenyans have pointed out that during his sentencing, Jowie Irungu donned the identical shirt he wore when convicted of murdering businesswoman Monica Kimani.

In the trial for the murder of Nairobi businesswoman Monica Kimani, the High Court, presided over by Lady Justice Grace Nzioka, deferred Joseph Irungu's sentencing.

The delay, until Wednesday, March 13, was attributed to the tardy submission of documents by the involved parties.

He showcased a sharp mohawk haircut. Notably, he had visibly lost some weight. Online observers keenly noted that Jowie appeared in the same floral shirt worn on the day of his conviction for Monica's murder during his sentencing.

Some netizens speculated whether the shirt held sentimental value as his "lucky charm" or if he had no alternative attire. Kenyans expressed their reactions to Jowie Irungu's courtroom appearance.

Below are some comments:

  • @_Nana_Kc: "That must be his favourite shirt."

  • @davidjesse_: "Maybe his lucky charm."

  • @MICLY__1: "No ziko mingi of that type ...12 the same."

  • @Hillar_io: "Kwani ukiwa cell unapewa nguo?"

  • @alfred_ndemo: "He is wearing the same shirt. I thought prisoners shave Jordan style."

Another interesting thing that many Kenyans noticed about yesterday's court appearance was the people present to support Jowie when he appeared in court.

Jowie was seen with only his supportive mother and his lawyer.  Internet users praise the mother for standing by her son during such a difficult time.

Many noted that the striking picture is a reminder that, when things go wrong, only a mother will stand by you.

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