Jowie Irungu speaks on going to prison in old viral interview

• Yesterday the courts convicted the former mercenary of murder and he will be sentenced next month.

Joseph Irungu Jowie, the first accused in the murder of business woman Monica Kimani, at Milimani Law Courts on February 9, 2024.

The court verdict finding Jowie Irungu guilty of the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani elicited mixed reactions from Kenyans.

The court also revoked Jowie's bond following his conviction. Justice Grace Nzioka stated that Irungu would remain in custody until March 8, 2024.

"I am canceling your bond. You will be held in custody until the 8th of March," Justice Nzioka said.

After the judge said she had canceled his bond, he looked down and was seen trying to fight back tears.

The varied opinions about the verdict are somehow addressed by Jowie in an undated video on TUKO, where he is asked about returning to jail.

In the short clip, Jowie appears to be very prophetic about life, and serving a prison sentence. He was asked if he was scared he might land back in prison.

"Coz of what?" He laughs loudly before adding, "You want to take me back?" Jowie then shakes his head in a no gesture.

"Why should I be afraid? If it's for the glory of God let it be," he declared.

"Even the worst person on this earth, I would not want them to spend a day there," he appears thoughtful after much contemplation over the question.

"The people in prison, pray for them. Even as you go to visit them, don't go with sympathy or pity because those people are the most hopeful people in the world," he finished.

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