Cop in hospital after being forced to smoke bhang by gang

• He stated that the altercation between the gang members and the police officers turned violent.

Image: Elsa Olofsson on Unsplash

A police officer in Murang’a County is hospitalized in an unconscious state after being attacked by a gang of thugs who forced him to smoke two rolls of marijuana.

According to the surprising report published by a local publication, the police officer was with two colleagues who went on a raid in a neighborhood notorious for drug trafficking.

When they confronted the drug dealers, the police officers were overwhelmed, and two managed to escape, leaving their colleague behind, who was captured by the gang and forced to smoke marijuana.

"The gang claimed that not even 20 minutes had passed since other police officers had arrived and taken bribes," said a witness who was a boda boda operator.

He stated that the altercation between the gang members and the police officers turned violent.

It is alleged that two officers managed to leave the scene, but the one left behind was pursued and forced to smoke marijuana against his will.

A report prepared by the Murang’a police station about the incident stated that the officer was attacked by unknown individuals.

"We received reports that there was a clash between youth in one group in the neighborhood and plainclothes police officers," said the police report as quoted by a local Swahili publication.

It added that officers were sent to the scene, and that's when "A man identified as a police constable was found unconscious, witnesses claiming he was forced to smoke what is believed to be marijuana."

The officer was rushed to the hospital, where he is currently admitted, receiving treatment for the effects of losing consciousness due to excessive substance use.

Murang’a East Police Commander Mary Wakuu said the incident is under investigation, and a manhunt will be conducted to apprehend the suspects.

Ms. Wakuu stated that the Kayole neighborhood has been under the scrutiny of security officers for some time due to drug trafficking.

"It's a neighborhood that we must clean up. I also warn the police to be prudent and ethical in their work. All these matters will be investigated, and a comprehensive report will be prepared," said Ms. Wakuu.

She mentioned that they would investigate whether the three police officers were also soliciting bribes, as alleged.

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