Vehicle used to abduct Meru Blogger Sniper recovered

meru blogger sniper
meru blogger sniper

The vehicle suspected to be involved in the abduction and disposal of the late Meru blogger Sniper's body has been found.

The DCI Kenya announced the recovery of the silver Toyota Premio in a statement on Saturday, January 27, following an intelligence-led operation.

"The identification and subsequent recovery of the vehicle, a silver Toyota Premio registration number KCR 742N, followed thorough forensic analysis of crucial leads, which pointed to a residential place at Canopy area of Kithoka, Meru county," the statement explained.

Sniper went missing on December 2, and his body was discovered on December 16, 2023. Governor Kawira Mwangaza's brother, Murangiri Kenneth Guantai, alias Tali, and Vincent Mureithi Kirimi, also known as Supuu, are two individuals recommended by the police to face murder charges in connection with the killing.

Governor Mwangaza expressed concerns about the investigation, stating, “Did Sniper only call my brother on that day and no one else? On that day many people called him, why are the rest not called to write statements?

He (Sniper) also spoke with someone to the last minute for over 15 minutes. When he wrote a statement why was his name not made public, only those linked to the governor?"

She emphasized the need for justice for Sniper and criticized the investigation, stating, "The investigation was smeared with so much politics."

An autopsy conducted at the Marimanti Level 4 Hospital mortuary revealed that Sniper died of strangulation.

Government pathologist Johansen Oduor noted marks on Sniper's neck and signs of oxygen deprivation, along with fractured ribs and head injuries, suggesting he was strangled before being thrown into a river.

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