Daring thieves caught on CCTV stealing PS5's in Imenti House

Two men are seen looking at cameras as they cart away gadgets


Two men caught on CCTV stealing gaming consoles from a shop in Imenti House in the CBD are being sought.

In the 2:20 minute video, the thieves holding flashlights,  search different parts of the gaming parlor and emerge in view with items.

They also look at the cameras but appear to dismiss the fact that they have exposed their faces.

A Twitter account JustRosalyn issued a public alert over the theft.

"Si mnajua Ile base ya gaming tao Imenti house @GameMasters_Ke . Imeibiwa PS5 zote 7:15AM Imagine in the AM"

Here are comments from concerned Kenyans:

@ThinkingOutAlo1.....They left fingerprints all over the wall and chairs, police just need to lift them plus facial on the street cameras would suffice on the vehicle used to transport

@louisnexusdrax·.....Huyu jamaa mweupe anaangalia CCTV directly

@Makarios_Rotich......So sad,base yangu nimekua hapo juzi,can't imagine all the PS5 gone

@VictorO70046155·.....If you find them kindly let me know. Same guys stole from our shop late Dec.

@iamjoseh_·.......Huyo msee wa gaming shop hapo Imenti ametokwa PS5 saba at 7:15am hadi nimeshangaa. That's approximately 700K worth of investment being taken away from him. I hope the culprits will be brought to book. Looks like an inside job


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