John Matara tried luring female influencer linked to DJ Mo in the past

• Matara is currently the prime suspect in the murder of Starlet Wahu.

John Matara

During the pandemic, John Matara, the prime suspect in the murder of Scarlet Wahu tried contacting Margaret Wanyama, the lady who allegedly had an affair with DJ Mo back in 2020.

But it seems that it wasn't the public alone that took an interest in Wanyama, Matara too was a keen follower and sent her a  plethora of private messages over many moons seeking a meeting, something she recently noted after recognising the man and the message he had sent.

"Imagine he even chatted me. Good thing I ignored his messages. [I'm] blocking him."

She found out that he was a Facebook friend after he became the primary suspect in the brutal murder of Starlet.

While Margaret has come forward to speak on the affair, another interesting angle is the female celebs that Matara followed online.

Margaret Wanyama
Image: Instagram

His Instagram account, with only 50 followers and 18 people he followed, including 9 well-known female personalities, showcased posts devoid of captions.

Among the celebs followed were Teacher Wanjiku, the comedian, actress, and producer. Matara also followed former TV anchors Betty Kyallo, Julie Gichuru, Janet Mbugua, and musicians Avril and Diana B.

Last week a caretaker for apartments near KU shared how he once had to intervene after Matara, 'kidnapped' a student who had come visiting during an interview with Citizen TV, 

'He would exchange girls every day. He rarely left his residence. I later came to learn he met the women via dating sites. In March 2023, he brought a girl who was a student, she came visiting but he locked her up. The next day she couldn't leave the house.

When I managed to get into the house, I found a knife and I helped her get her stuff and leave. The woman had been sodomized and threatened with death."

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