'We never had any intimate relationship,' DJ Mo's alleged side chic Margaret Wanyama speaks

Piece by: Caren Nyota

Dj Mo's alleged side chic Margaret Wanyama has come out to 'clear' her name, stating that she and Size 8's husband never had a sexual relationship.

In a series of videos she shared on her page, Maggie said that a friend with bad motives was the one who leaked the information. But in another video that has surfaced, she admitted that she had an affair with him during an Instagram live.

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Well, Maggie now claims she is happy now that DJ Mo and Size 8 are okay.

'watu washaingiza pesa nyinyi mko hapo na umbea. i said no one knows what happened behind the curtains...I had to tell the truth to clear my name because I'm sick and tired of it. Someone blew up my name akasema vitu za uongo ambazo sielewi zilianzia wapi. Story za mimi kutoa mimba, nilitoa mimba saa ngapi? lini? and I was already in Bahrain. This is just crazy. I gave my friend my password and she ruined my name,' she said.


'I'm happy they're still together and their marriage is okay. I'm okay with that and happy and grateful. I'm happy to see Mo and his wife are happy because all this mess was brought up with someone who wanted to take my man.'

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Responding to claims she broke Size 8's marriage, she said,

'Homewrecker? people are still married and happily ever after as husband and wife. Sijawahi kosana  na Mo. we were friends in 2016 and the last time we talked was 2016. we only said hi to each other and that's it. The last time we talked (same year) his marriage wasn't strong as it is now We never had any intimate relationship with each other. Never!'

Maggie added that,

'If indeed he cheated with me, why is it that he and his wife are still together? I'm happy I've cleared my name.'

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