Fearful ladies give out incredible solutions after recent murders

• In early January socialite Starlet Wahu was found murdered and hardly had the month ended before another unidentified lady was found dismembered at an apartment in Roysambu.

Starlet Wahu Mwangi

Over the last few days, there have been several reported deaths of ladies by either an alleged lover or a stranger.

These murders together with several videos that have gone viral about ladies being used for rituals have sparked fear among ladies with a few of them deciding to swear off men henceforth. 

As netizens fly the hashtag 'stop killing women' all over social media, questions like what can be done to ensure your security with your significant other or just when you're dating and trying to meet new people have risen.

Such a question was posted on Facebook and it got ladies discussing with a few of them emphasising on the fear that these deaths have brought on.

This fear was at first sparked by the death of Starlet Wahu who was murdered at an Airbnb on 3rd January 2024 where she was meeting with a man she had become familiar with over a dating site.

The man who was identified as John Matara was apprehended later on as he was receiving treatment for a stab wound. This death sparked the media and people started deliberating about it.

Barely days later, another death shocked the nation where a woman was brutally butchered and her body concealed in an Airbnb Roysambu. 

The perpetrator is alleged to be of West African ethnicity which has sparked more speculation about whether the murder was ritually motivated.

This in itself has spooked many ladies enough that a few of them have claimed that they'd be swearing off men henceforth. with others insinuating that being gay would be ideal for her.

"Any lady willing tuanze ulelee coz this men is no," a fan quoted on TikTok in response to one of the videos circulating.

"I'm not meeting any man in 2024... wali...mungu ndiye anajua but I can't," another one quoted.

With a few others swearing off meeting anyone within an Airbnb.

"Sahii kama date haiko police station sitaki," a fan commented 

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