Pst Kanyari's younger sister Starlet Wahu found murdered

• The suspect will be detained for 21 days.

• He was tracked at Mbagathi Hospital where he had gone to seek treatment for stab wounds.

Instagram model and Pst Kanyari's sister Starlet Wahu found murdered.

Instagram model Starlet Wahu is dead.

Wahu was murdered in a rental apartment in South B by a man now identified as John Matara, aged 30.

In CCTV videos released by the police Wahu ,24 was seen walking with the victim toward their room Y32 in Papino apartments South B but was never seen leaving.

Two condoms, one used and one unused were also discovered at the scene. Also discovered was an HIV test kit that read Negative and a knife assumed to be the murder weapon.

'He cut the veins towards her heart, we couldn't save her.' Said the police.

The police say she had tried exiting the house only to die meters from the door.

Also on the scene were alcohol and the victim's clothes.

Police have now revealed the duo had rented the house for the night.

He was traced to Mbagathi Hospital undergoing treatment for possible stab wounds.

It is not clear whether the man stabbed himself or whether he was stabbed by the deceased.

She is allegedly Pastor Kanyari's younger sister.

Starlet Wahu Mwangi meets a man at an AirBnB in Nairobi's South B estate and she's brutally murdered . CCTV footage reveals what transpired moments before she was killed.

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