Pst. Kanyari defends his reaction to his sister's horrific death


• Kanyari has been accused of treating the death of his sister in a very cavalier manner.

Kenyans have questioned Pastor Victor Kanyari after the murder of his younger sister, Starlet Wahu who was found dead in an Airbnb on the 3rd of January 2024 in South B.

Netizens have gone about to wonder about the kind of love the pastor had for his sister who was buried three days after her death.

In response to these sentiments, the pastor assured people that he did love his sister during a service at his church.

"Tulizikana haraka ili tuone kama hiyo uchungu itaisha haraka," he begun.

The pastor also went further to explain that when a person is being held at the mortuary for long, it tends to be more painful for the bereaved.

He further advised people that if a problem arises deal with it quickly and leave the naysayers to talk.

He also went further to explain that Kikuyu norms are different from those of other tribes like that of the Luos, who stay with the body of their loved ones much longer before burial happens.

The pastor discouraged his congregation from such practices and went ahead to advise people to perform the burials as quickly as possible.

The cleric also stated that in doing so they avoided the drama that envelopes burials where people pretend to be grieving while their intentions are selfish and greedy.

The father of two also went ahead to emphasise that just because the socialite was his sister, it didn't mean she had to be given a royal burial.

He reiterated that the death was still painful nonetheless.

The prime suspect in the murder of Starlet is a man called John Matara who is currently being held by police as they conclude their investigations.

The man was arrested while seeking treatment at a hospital for a knife wound, which he claimed he got while fighting with the late socialite.

Initial police investigations claim that Matara is a serial scammer who has been linked to other crimes that involved numerous victims.

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