Woman charged with manslaughter after lover dies during escapade, husband to testify

• Kimani passed away in Baba Dogo, estate in Ruarakja on September 22.

• Kimani became unconscious while they were having intercourse.

Winfred Mueni, charged with manslaughter after lover died during a sexual escapade

28-year-old Winfred Mueni has been charged with manslaughter after her lover died during a love-making session.

Mueni who has been married for two years, was allegedly having an illicit affair with Titus Njoroge Kimani,

Kimani passed away in Baba Dogo, an estate in Ruaraka on September 22.

At around 8 pm on September 22, Mueni rushed to call relatives of Kimani after he became unconscious while they were having intercourse.

Kimani was found naked in his bed and upon arrival at the Nairobi County Government Hospital was pronounced dead on arrival.

A used condom recovered from his house, a postmortem report, and her husband as a witness against her, are what the prosecution intends to nail her on the manslaughter charge.

She was arraigned at Makadara law courts and denied the charges of manslaughter before Senior Principal Magistrate Hellen Okwan.

Mueni was charged under the last seen doctrine which implicates her for being the last person seen with the diseased.

Family members of Kimani, who saw Mueni getting into his house have been listed as witnesses in her case.

She was released on November 14 on a bond of Ksh. 500,000 and a surety of the same amount.

Her case will be mentioned again on February 22, and a hearing is set for May 30, 2024.

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