Village in shock after man strangles son before taking selfie with the dead body

• The suspect left a message that said "The cause of this murder is a quarrel between me and my wife."

Crime Scene Tape
Image: FILE

Residents of Iringa region in Tanzania have been stunned after a man identified aged 33 allegedly killed his son with shoelaces and then recorded the whole incident and took a selfie with the dead body.

According to information through Global TV Online's YouTube channel, Mgovano strangled his son who was 4 years old, and later before disappearing left a text message giving instructions on where the child would be buried.

According to the shocked residents, they said that at first when they found the child helpless in bed, they thought he had taken poison and brought him milk.

Later they saw that the child's condition worsened and rushed him to the hospital, the doctors found out that he had died a while ago by strangulation.

That's when they returned home and searched and found a letter from the accused explaining the cause of the murder but also instructions on where the grave should be dug.

"He left his phone with pictures and videos at home and it is now in the hands of the police," The suspect message read,

"The cause of this murder is a quarrel that happened between me and my wife on October 6, 2023 and I am going to kill myself and I want my son and I to be buried in Itendulinyi Village."

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