New details emerge in horrific Mihang'o murder


• Police believe he was killed in his house and body transported to River Sagana

The deceased driver Evans Moracha
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The grisly murder of a taxi driver, whose body was found in River Sagana in Murangá County, has prompted investigators to explore a number of ideas.

The team following the murder Evans Bikundo Moracha says they are investigating claims he might have been bludgeoned in his house in Mihango on October 11 then the body bundled into his own taxi and driven to River Sagana where it was dumped.

The body was recovered at River Sagana on October 14, 2023. In addition, the team thinks that a love triangle and his desire for fortune were the driving forces behind the murder.

The 47-year-old Moracha worked as a clerk at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before.

According to reliable sources they spoke with, the father of two may have been murdered at his home, according to the police.

Because she is one of the three suspects in custody for the murder, his wife is currently a person of interest to the police.

Additionally, the authorities disclosed that a police officer under interdiction is one of the main suspects.

The case's investigating detectives stated they had information indicating attackers were observed removing bags from the residence the day Moracha vanished.

Other witnesses have reported to police that there was a disturbance in Moracha's bedroom on the day he vanished, leading them to believe he was being killed.

For the time being, the abandoned residence is considered a crime scene.

Police conducted an operation that resulted in the arrest of two people linked to Moracha's kidnapping and eventual murder.

Detectives from Nairobi Region Crime Research detained them on Thursday after a nightlong search in the counties of Nyeri and Kajiado.

How the body was found

On October 14, Teresa Masesi Kerubo, the deceased man's wife, reported his disappearance to the Mihang'o Police Station. She stated that the man and his Toyota Vitz had been missing for three days.

Additionally, the deceased's cell phone was not working. The day an unidentified man body was discovered at River Sagana was reported to the police by the Assistant Chief Githuri sub-location in Murang'a County.

The body was lying nude with several head injuries. For the purpose of autopsy and identification via fingerprinting and analysis at the National Registration Bureau (NRB) offices, police transported the body to the mortuary of Murang'a Level Five Hospital.

According to authorities, it was recognised as belonging to Moracha, whose spouse had recently filed for missing.

Detectives took over the case and began a meticulous manhunt for the hideous faces responsible for the horrific crime.

Based on information, the team continued to pursue the suspects and on Thursday they reached Ruringu village in Nyeri County, where one of them was taken into custody.

The suspect led the detectives to Olekasasi in Ongata Rongai during questioning, where the second suspect was apprehended.

The second suspect was identified by detectives when they ran his profile. It turned out that he was a police officer assigned to the Akila Police Station in Lang'ata, but that he had been placed under interdiction after leaving the force.

According to the police, he is assigned as a driver at the station and holds the rank of Constable.

The deceased's cell phone and a stun flashlight, which the suspect admitted to using to illuminate their route to River Sagana where they were found, were found during a search of his home.

Moracha knew this cop. In anticipation of additional questioning, the two suspects were held separately at the Kilimani and Capital Hill Police Stations.

Since then, forensic-led intelligence has uncovered a meticulously planned murderous scheme that casts doubt on Moracha's unexpected death and mere disappearance. Moracha was 47 years old.

Detectives have proven in the new findings that Moracha was not only gone from his house, but rather was picked up by the murderous pair on October 11th, October 11th, while his wife was present.

A few days later, the deceased's automobile was carefully abandoned a safe distance from her home and drove back to the wife's neighbourhood.

The wife and the two suspects were connected by cybercrime investigators whose services are being requested after multiple discussions transpired, including agreements for unclear payments between the three.

The correspondence occurred prior to Moracha's kidnapping, during, and following the body's recovery, according to the authorities.

Therefore, the woman is regarded to have been the mastermind behind her husband's horrific murder by the police, and it's possible that she only reported her husband missing after learning of his body's recovery in Murang'a.

When she appeared in court on Monday, the police requested an extension to detain her while they continued their investigation.

The true reason for the homicide is still being investigated.

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