Brother caught burying younger brother alive blames their mother

• The young man who had already buried his brother up to the neck area before the neighbors knew about it.

Image: Cottonbro studio for Pexels.

A little boy has been saved from the brutality of his older brother who was caught burying him alive for allegedly stealing money.

The brutal incident was caught on video in the Lokoja area of ​​Kogi State in Nigeria and those who rescued the victim questioned the perpetrator and named his mother as the one who instructed him to carry out the evil act.

The young man who had already buried his brother up to the neck area before the neighbors knew about it claimed that his younger brother had a habit of stealing and had stolen 1,000 naira, equivalent to about 200 shillings.

According to him, their mother who was fed up with the victim's issues ordered him to be buried alive.

"He steals money. The last time he went to steal money, we asked where he kept the money, and I don't know how much he stole but he said N1000. The last time he stole, no one even hit him, and no one even touched him," he said in pidgin English.

Curious residents suspected that the young man might be carrying out money orders from a healer, but he denied the allegations.

His behavior angered the residents, some of whom flogged him during further questioning but he maintained that he was only following his mother's orders.

"No one sent me, it was my mother who told me to punish him," said the deviant young man.

Reports say that the case has been brought to the Police Force, Division D, Lokoja, and the young man was arrested to assist with investigations.

The video of the incident shows the boy and his younger brother with swollen faces and bloody bruises, sitting surrounded by angry residents of the area.

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