Tharaka Nithi man killed father and ate his flesh for 4 days

The search for the old man led people to the house of his young man, who they found eating one thigh and directed them until he buried his head.

Piece by: Moses Sagwe

• The 70-year-old man had been missing for three days and after a search, they found some of his ingredients in a pot inside his son's house.

• The old man had argued with his son after the young man forbade him not to mow the grass on the side of the ditch and threw him.

Image: FILE

Police in Tharaka Nithi county are investigating a strange case where a man was arrested with meat believed to be the body of his father who was reported missing a few days ago.

According to a local newspaper, the man was caught eating the flesh of his father's body while hiding some of the body parts in the ditch.

The police commander in Muthambi sub-county, John Menei, told the newspaper that the suspect was arrested on Thursday evening last week with some parts of his father's body, continuing to dismember them for his own pleasure.

The villagers said they reported to the village elder after the 70-year-old disappeared and three days later, after a search, they found his headless body hidden in a ditch.

"We have arrested a man who is suspected of killing his father and cooking some parts of his body and eating and hiding some in the tunnel," Menei told the newspaper at the end of the week.

According to the report, the young man had dug the trench six years ago in 2017, which was 20 feet deep and 13 meters wide and was near his house.

After the villagers were afraid to enter the ditch, they went straight to the suspect's house where they found a pot where some of the old man's remains had been cooked and mixed with green vegetables which had been covered with grass.

They also found what was said to be a human skull and bloody clothes and shoes that belonged to the deceased.

Information from the villagers said that the two had an argument after the boy forbade his father from cutting grass on the side of the ditch.

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