Goons steal and vandalize a morgue in Kisumu days after its launch

The funeral home is dubbed as "Kwee Funeral Home"

  • The morgue was vandalized two days after its launch 
  • Governor of Kisumu County, Honorable Anyang' Nyong'o spearheaded the launch on Wednesday 
A picture of the aftermath
Image: Courtesy

Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital is counting its losses after goons vandalized and stole equipment during yesterday's demonstrations, just two days after it opened.

The multi-million urbanized morgue was launched on Wednesday by the Governor of Kisumu County, Honorable Anyang' Nyong'o. 

On a statement posted on Twitter, the Governor has expressed his dissatisfaction with the barbaric incident claiming that the goons were posing as protesters.

"I am shocked at the barbaric and criminal incident where goons posing as protesters, this evening broke into the newly launched Kwee Farewell Home, damaged and looted expensive morgue equipment's which I just commissioned two days ago."

Among what was looted and damaged were expensive reception sofa sets, computer software's , 24 body refrigeration units, an autopsy set and hydraulic body lift and embalming table. 

The governor also questioned where the police were when the incident occurred and condemned the looting of supermarkets, shops and other businesses during the Maandamano Monday's and Thursdays called into action by the opposition leader, former prime minister Ralia Odinga. 

He directed the police to conduct an investigation and arrest the perpetrators as soon as possible.

"I wonder why the police did not protect the facility from the gang which also carried away, computers and other valuable equipment. We also condemn the looting of a supermarket, shops and many other private businesses today. I ask the police to hunt and arrest these criminals."

The morgue, Kwee Funeral Home, which costed approximately 37 million to build was earlier designated as one of a kind in the Western Region.

The county government contributed KSh13 million to the building's construction with the Kenya Champs site, CDC Kenya and Emory University equipping the facility for KSh24 million.

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